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CMS Breaking News: Proposal to Modernize Medicaid Regulations

Posted by Mindy Murphy at May 27, 2015

CMS released a long-overdue update this afternoon, May 26, 2015, to bring much-needed modernization to Medicaid & CHIP regulations:

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ICD-10: Bracing for Impact

Posted by Mindy Murphy at May 23, 2015

Prepare for Productivity Disruption

If your practice has already been investing critical time in preparing for the transition over to ICD-10, then you’re one step ahead of approximately 80% of other medical practices! Current statistics reveal only 21% of most medical practices across the country feel prepared to transition to the new coding system, which is guaranteed to create productivity issues within healthcare facilities of all specialities and sizes.  

The new code set allows for more specificity with regard to patient health concerns, and marks to a very defining moment as the United States is one of the last major developed countries in the world to move to ICD-10. While ICD-10 codes are far more numerous (more than three times as many as ICD-9), the greater level of specificity will provide a means to more easily identify patients in need of disease management and more effectively tailor disease management programs. Proper documentation will allow providers to better understand complications, design more personalized treatment plans, and track care outcomes. However, while most medical professionals do want to remain ahead in their preparation efforts so they can continue to provide quality patient care throughout ICD-10 implementation, many have yet to receive training on the expanded documentation requirements. It is vital that all clinical and administrative staff, not just coders, receive training in order to avoid significant productivity impacts come October 1, 2015. 

In fact, according to the American Health Information Medical Association (AHiMA) there could be a 50% to 70% productivity drop across the country if training doesn’t start now. The lack of training will create a trickle down effect, impacting everything from patient care to insurance claims to office administrative responsibilities in general. This is why it is critical to take a proactive role and begin to take the necessary steps to prepare for ICD-10 while your medical office still has time. Furthermore, the longer you wait to schedule training, the greater chance you will encounter a shortage of role-specific training opportunities.  

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CMS News: 2016 Medicare Payment Adjustment

Posted by Mindy Murphy at May 15, 2015

The following information was released by CMS Thursday, May 14, 2015:

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CMS News: Updated 2014 eCQMs for 2016 Reporting

Posted by Mindy Murphy at May 4, 2015

The following information was released by CMS today, May 4, 2015:

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Webinar 2nd Session - Preparing for ICD-10

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 30, 2015

Our first session filled up in less than 24 hours!
We've created a second session on Tuesday, May 19th, in order to accommodate all those interested in attending.  
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Upcoming Webinar - Preparing for ICD-10

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 29, 2015

With the passage of the "SGR bill", which contained no reference to further delays for ICD-10, many practices have found themselves scrambling to prepare before the October deadline. If this describes your practice, we'd like to invite you to join us for an educational webinar where you will learn what your practice needs to do to prepare for the transition to ICD-10. 
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2015 ICD-10 Delay Unlikely

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 22, 2015

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you've likely seen the news about President Obama signing the bill for the repeal of SGR last week. You've probably also noticed the related headlines focused on the lack of reference in the bill to any further ICD-10 delays. An AACP article described the lack of verbiage as giving "further momentum towards the Oct 1, 2015 implementation deadline and creating increased urgency for those still preparing for the new medical code set, with all major hurdles now cleared." 

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Feeling Chained To Your EHR?

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 17, 2015

Whether you are within a large or small practice setting, the primary goal of any medical provider is to provide meaningful, efficient and timely patient care.  High quality care boosts your practice reputation, improves patient retention rates and helps you to gain new patients as well.  

However, there are times when countless hours of heavy paperwork or inefficient software systems take away from quality patient time. The good news is there is an easy-to-use, affordable solution for medical practices of all sizes.

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CMS Update: 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 13, 2015

The following update was released today, April 13, 2015, through the CMS MLN Connects Provider eNews:

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Are You Ready for ICD-10?

Posted by Mindy Murphy at Apr 11, 2015

With the ICD-10 deadline looming and further delays appearing to be unlikely, many practices are scrambling to prepare for the change. We receive countless calls from providers and office managers who need to find an ICD-10 compliant solution and training for their staff that will enable them to navigate the changing landscape.

The infographic below provides a SOAP note, of sorts, to help you determine whether your practice is ready for the change, and solutions to help you prepare if you're not.  

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